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A Music Field Guide from the Bridge City.

Voicemail: Seance Crasher
Album Release: “Piano Pills”
at Holocene, Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Leave a message: 503-985-8436

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"So I’m sure calling plentitude rude, want to give a shout truth So. Little to people removal, so if Chris resolutions its new record. Wednesday September, so the whole thing, we’ve report of flaws really sales pressure coverage 61 Features, we’re doing or it’s Thursday to go over alright bye bye right. Bye."

Recorded live 7/21/14 in Portland Oregon.

GULLS RHYTHM FORCE - Now booking worldwide.

Holler for inquiries.

Electronics / Cornet: Jesse Munro Johnson
Drums: Geordie Thompson
Congas: Carlos Blanco
Sax: Christine Denkewalter.

Watch Our Session Now

Dana Buoy joined me on air last week to talk about his new EP and we listened to a few of his favorite tracks. You can her that in the XRAY.FM Archive for the next week. Check out this recent in-studio performance via CHARGED.FM (NYC). 


Earlier this summer we stopped by in New York for a live session. It ended up pretty rad. Check out the video below of our stripped-down version of ”Preacher”.

Mdou Moctar 

Now streaming and available for download via SahelSounds.

"Spaced out autotune from Niger. Tuareg guitar accompanied with loping drum machines and vocal plug ins, interpreted via the filter of Bollywood influenced Hausa pop. Mdou Moctar’s debut studio recording from 2008, was never officially released but widely distributed via the cellphone file sharing networks of the Sahara. A monumental record sonically, but also as one of the first modern electronic adaptations of Tuareg guitar."

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